Students at Monday Morning 任务


服务 is at the heart of the University of Mary’s mission. 从一开始, our students have been encouraged to serve those in need because service is a way of living, not simply an act done to earn credit. A life of service is transformative and encourages us to see beyond ourselves. It fosters empathy, develops us into stronger leaders, students, peers, and family members. 但最重要的是, service teaches us to place the needs of others ahead of our own in all situations – from helping a roommate to serving a meal in a soup kitchen. Transformation occurs when we see that “it is in giving of ourselves that we receive.”

Large group of students gathered for worship with four musicians on stage

Monday Morning 任务

In this weekly event of common worship, we praise God and support the underserved, the forgotten, and the marginalized with our time, talent, and treasure.

Two Mary students carrying trash bags alongside the highway


Spend the day growing in community and service through fostering relationships and giving back to local organizations.

Group of smiling students volunteering at soup kitchen


The 生命使命 Program is based on the Christian, 天主教, and Benedictine tradition of service and hospitality.

Servant Leadership at Mary

The University of Mary provides an environment in which each student participates in those experiences essential to becoming a leader. The development of essential leadership qualities in each student empowers that person to work courageously and effectively for the common good. Our chosen model of leadership is servant leadership.

All students are encouraged to seek Truth, to see themselves as whole and unique individuals responsible to God, and to become leaders in the service of Truth.

Christian Leadership Center

Founded in 2004 under the leadership of Sister Thomas Welder, our fifth president, the Christian Leadership Center of the University of Mary supports a key piece of the university’s mission and identity by fostering authentic ecumenical dialogue and developing Christian leadership in young adults, working professionals, and religious leaders.

We are living in a time of great social upheaval, in which the united witness of believers in Christ is more important than ever. The crucial work of the Christian Leadership Center helps students, 神职人员, and professionals meet our profound cultural challenges and opportunities by developing their leadership abilities and helping them collaborate across denominational lines. This advances the values and ideals that Protestants, 天主教徒, and others of good will have used to promote peace and the common good.

At this moment in history, when so much is at stake, the Christian Leadership Center of the University of Mary steps forward to bring believers together for prayer and growth which deepens unity among the disciples of Jesus and gives witness to the saving truth of His promises.

May His name be praised!

The University of Mary, through the Christian Leadership Center, is emerging as the Christian intellectual center of the upper Midwest, inspiring and strengthening 神职人员 and church personnel from our region in their faith and serving them in their personal and professional development. 例如, we sponsor continuing 教育 events with world-class scholars and theologians so that participants might sharpen their teaching, 说教, and service to the poor.

中心 sponsors speakers and hosts 会议 designed to help working professionals live lives of fidelity and faith in the workplace, particularly in the areas of business, 教育, 还有医疗保健.

中心, through its presence and its work, inspires and challenges our own students at the University of Mary to be champions of faithful Christian witness through speakers, 会议, and ongoing small-group experiences. We also serve the wider Bismarck-Mandan region by hosting and facilitating larger community youth initiatives and working with schools in service to the Gospel.